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What are KiaKiaTM Trust Points ?

Trust Points:
This is a unique incentive system which KiaKiaTM uses to reward and encourage borrowers to be responsible and remain credit-worthy. A Trust Point is gained by a borrower when he or she has made a timely repayment, and is structured such that timely loan repayment (on or before due date) earns the borrower 5 Trust points. Each is worth 5 Trust Points! So, 3 stars are equal to 15 Trust Points!

Why do I need KiaKiaTM Trust Points ?
The KiaKiaTM is very useful to all responsible borrowers. Your stars increase with each timely loan repayment. The beauty of it is that you will be rewarded with lower interest rates, your borrowing limit will be increased by a minimum of 50% and an increased loan tenure. That is how excellent the KiaKiaTM is. Climb the credit ladder with KiaKiaTM today!

Earn a KiaKiaTM today! Be limitless and cash-full!

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